Courtney Renae Eleanor Mason Hilley is a creative based in Mobile, AL.

In 2014 she co-founded and acted as the Editor in Chief for Bellum, an independent magazine-turned publishing house and creative firm focused on "Redefining Life in the South" (Previously Ant Farm Journal). In 2016, she and her husband opened Chaleur Method Brew and Espresso, a French third-wave coffee shop, coffee roastery, and bakery in Midtown Mobile, where she is currently the pastry chef. 

Through designing the space and interiors of their two storefronts to coincide with the branding they created for Chaleur, Courtney discovered a love for the process of visually translating a brand through space. The ability to manipulate the emotions of a person entering a space using color and surface textures fascinates her, and she has since worked with other small businesses to develop their brand identities.

(MusicEleanor:  Released The Canyon in September of 2014, and is currently working on a sophomore album. Released Love Like Water in 2012 under the name Courtney Mason. Featured as studio vocalist on multiple projects. Attended the University of Mobile from 2010-2014 majoring in Music Business (focus Vocal Performance) and English.

(Design) Clothing (line to be released in Spring 2020), interior, space design, and Illustration: In and outside of collaboration with her husband, designer and photographer Christian Hilley.

Long term, she has a dream of opening a home and discipleship program for boys and young men struggling with sexual addictions, attacking human trafficking at its core.

Follow along with Courtney on Instagram: @courtneyhilley